Having two little ones is really hard. I know one day it will get easier and they will grow up to be the best of friends but for now, it’s hard.

Most days my house looks like a tornado went through it. But sometimes it’s worth it because it keeps Hudson’s inquisitive mind busy. For instance, last night when I came home there were bibs and burp rags all over the family room. Hudson was so kindly moving them from the drawer they were in to the clothes hamper and then taking them out. I know that sometimes I should stop this but it keeps him busy. I’ve also been known to give him 3 cups and put goldfish crackers in them and show him how to count them from one cup to the other. Even though I know the mess that will come out of this, it keeps him busy and learning. I also gave him a pair of child’s scissors and a bunch of paper and let him go at it. This kept him busy for hours. These little “mess making” activities allow me to be able to feed Hanley or do the dishes so they’re sort of worth it.

Being a parent is kind of like constantly problem solving. I try to be proactive in finding solutions before there is a problem but this rarely happens. I feel like just as soon as I have this parenting thing figured out, my kids go and change up their routine and I’m clueless once again. No wonder there are so many parenting books out there, you need a new one each month for each new thing. I also know why parents like to give their kids parenting advice when they have children….because by the time the parents figure this “parenting” thing out, the kids are grown up and they have no younger ones left to parent. When my kids graduate high school I’m going on a ‘pad myself on the back’ vacation.